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The latest news from part of Total_Noob have shifted the focus on the development and use dell'HBL structured for the game Everybody's Golf 2 (aka Hot Shots Golf 2 or Minna no Golf 2), putting a bit 'in the shadow that has been in past. Unfortunately, the lack of a large number of testers sull'HBL to 6.30 and 6.31 does not yet allow to understand whether the HBL concerned, is as good as the previous Patapon2, even when it appears crucial to the new site in HEN. This time to discuss the new HEN might suggest to the holders of firmware prior to 6.30, and then dell'HBL of Patapon2, have been forgotten. Fortunately it is not. It 's true that work on the old Half-Byte Loader is slowed down, but the fact remains that it is still updated. Thus, it has just been released for the Rev 107 dell'HBL Patapon2 demo, which provides better compatibility with games, among whom are Mobile Assault and Transport Tycoon Deluxe.