Now that Microsoft's real motivations for building the Kinect are crystal clear, it's impossible not to find a sinister tone in Microsoft's latest press release: a proud proclamation of one million Kinects sold worldwide in 10 days. Microsoft says it's on pace to sell a previously projected five million sensors by year's end, but reading in between the lines we're positive they're implying some sort of nefarious partnership with the TSA to ruin your holiday travel plans. You heard it here first, folks. On the Kinect vs. Move front, comparisons are a little difficult because Sony's numbers (around 3 million worldwide as of last month) were of "shipped" units, not "sold." We'll see who the real winner is after the holidays are over and the dust settles, but for now we wish all three motion-sensing consoles the best of luck. You know, except for the two we don't own because they suck.