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Ranger is the first GPS navigation system in the world for Nintendo DS and DS Lite (Not compatible with DSi). It connects to Slot-2 of the console making it a complete GPS navigator that helps you easily reach any destination. Works with GPSFS MAP, based on Google Maps, which already has a very extensive database of maps that guarantees you guide us with this device for almost any city in the world. It also includes points of interest (restaurants, gas stations, hotels ...) and useful information related to the GPS satellites and the speed at which we are traveling or altitude.

As in other similar tracking devices, also has the option to enable audio to guide us on the road. Its interface lets you view maps in 2D or 3D choose to display the desired zoom levels. The Ranger device includes 32MB of memory and other features such as internet browser. Also you can connect via USB to other devices such as computers, PDAs or mobile phones and to use the locator from there.

For use with DS or DS Lite flash cartridge is required (not included).

- Ranger, the first GPS navigation system for the NDS Lite console
- You won't be getting lost again on the roads
- Whether you are visiting a new city or traveling locally you will be able to get to your destination with the helpful navigational guide of the Ranger
- Ranger support active navigation, voice prompts, facilities Query PC-side software necessary to support and connect on a personal mobile computer
- Ranger tool download:
- Features:
1. GPSFS map:
- From Google Earth to the library, involving a global scope of the various cities
- A detailed route and facilities information
- Enhance map data (multi-scale map zoom ratio Level switch)
2. High-performance navigation system:
- High-precision positioning
- Touch Panel for easy operation
- Express intuitive route to explore
3. Advanced technology:
- U-blox 5 chip high-performance positioning
- 32MB Extended Memory function
- NDS host automatic calibration time (UTC time calibration)
4. Computer Internet:
- High-precision retrieval Destinations
- Mobile PC touchpad (mouse) and keyboard for easy operation
- User friendly route guide
- Mandarin, Cantonese optional voice prompts
5. System upgrade:
- Map database updates
- System software upgrades