North American consumers planning to purchase a 60GB PlayStation 3 will need to purchase a HDMI cable separately if they want to fully exploit the console's graphics capabilities.

That's according to the specs page on the official US PS3 website, which notes: "HDMI cable not included. Additional equipment may be required to use the HDMI connector."

Sony has long promoted the 60GB PS3's HDMI output as a key feature of the machine. The 20GB model, however, does not feature HDMI - and nor does Microsoft's rival Xbox 360 console.

SCE UK declined to comment on whether the 60GB PS3 will also ship without a HDMI cable here. However, sources close to Sony speculate that Europe will follow the US example by not including a cable in the box, due to the fact that the majority of console purchasers will not own a HDMI-ready TV - and those that do will already own a HDMI lead.

Instead, PS3 is highly likely to be sold with a composite cable and SCART adaptor - just like the PlayStation 2.