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New update on the development dell'HBL by the coder JJS that can produce a stable revision 109, already in the works for several days but finally reached completion. Unlike rev107, the new rev109 has been developed for both the exploits of the demo for Patapon 2 Everybody's Golf 1 and 2. Compatibility with homebrew is much higher, some of the titles available are: Mobile Assault, Kuroki, Half-Life (Kuroki mode), Defense Station Portable, Resonate, and more.
Following are links for downloading various versions.

NB: Please note that for the HBL Patapon2 Demo is compatible to the firmware 6.20 is included, while for the FW 6.30 and 6.31, you must own the game or Everybody Golf Everybody Golf 2 version in EU (for other versions of the game refer to the page source).
Each file includes the new HBL that the bailout is necessary for the use