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Thread: Help with GPS-290 w/ Mapthis! 0.5.2 on 5.00 m33-6

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    Default Help with GPS-290 w/ Mapthis! 0.5.2 on 5.00 m33-6

    Hi guys, I'm having trouble getting my gps-290 to work with mapthis!. The program itself seems to be working fine, and i've got a local map running in the program, but my GPS doesn't seem to be picking up any satelites.

    The majority of the posts ive been reading are for earlier custom firmwares and versions of Mapthis.

    My psp was a 2.71 ta-082 mobo.
    I've ran chilly willys keycleaner and patched the 0x0005 key.

    Just tried to run the idstorage and usbhostfs fix with the 043 file in the ms root, but keep getting the 80020148 error. (I've tried running in 1.50 kernel too).

    I've seen there is a gps-290 test program, but have been unable to track it down. <---- have also tried this but goes to green screen and quickly shuts down. Although i could make out usb errors and some numbers. I have no issues using usb to PC so i'm sure the usb port is functioning correctly.

    Any help on this matter would be awesome.

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