Having posted news about the PSJB team releasing a downgrade for the PS Jailbreak dongle, they have now announced that instead of charging $40 for each downgrade...it is now UNLIMITED! They have also dropped the price from $125 to $99 and for those who already have the PS Jailbreak, you can get your unlimited PSDowngrade starting November 29th.

As of today we would like to announce a couple huge changes not only to our product but also to the whole community. PS Downgrade is now unlimited... that right.... Update to play original 3.50 with 3D videos and Online play and Downgrade to play homebrew or Other OS.

We would like to announce an official price drop. Our new MSRP is 99$ USD instead of 125$ making it more affordable for everyone. Next, as of today all new hardware shipped will come with PSdowngrade installed free of charge.

Lastly, all existing customers can start receiving the free PS Downgrade as of 29th of November using PS Upgrader available on our downloads page.
Remember that we are the original Jailbreak , the original Downgrade and we will continue to pave the way. By supporting us you are supporting the community and future developements.

Here are the two videos of it in action:

With this first proof video of the downgrader, a lot of people have commented that its fake:

To show that its not a fake, another a new video of the downgrader from an authorized reseller, HolidayCarts, has been uploaded. This time, its in HD quality, not cuts in the video and the only editing done to the video was adding text to the video:

Source: PS Jailbreak