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Thread: Dsi-xl compatability questions

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    Default Dsi-xl compatability questions

    Hello I have recently bought a dsixl and am having trouble getting my NES emulator (nesds i think) and comicbookds ver 2.0 to work. I am using a R4i sdhc v1.4 flash card with its latest firmware. They both worked on my old original ds. All of the regular .nds roms work fine. Just wondering if the programs aren't written for the dsixl or if I need to get a diff flash card.
    thanks for your help.

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    The NES emulator is horrible . However , the built-in SNES emulator on Supercard DSTwo is pretty smooth . I suggest you just buy a SCDS2 if you can afford it .

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    thanks for the reply. does that super nes emulator on that supercard dstwo play nes roms? i know its odd but i still enjoy playing those now and then.

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