From Software's Xbox 360-exclusive RPG not so exclusive, if reports are to be believed

Recently released Xbox 360 RPG Enchanted Arms is apparently heading to PS3.

According to reports, the game's developer, From Software, blabbed about a planned version for Sony's next-gen console to Japanese magazine Famitsu.

Presumably - and if this all turns out to be true - it'll be more or less a direct port of Xbox 360's Enchanted Arms outing, but with no further information to go on currently, that's open to speculation.

Enchanted Arms has been described as one of the first true next-gen RPG adventures and finds players embarking on the usual epic quest in a fantasy world. You play Atsuma, a young enchanter who is living during a time of war and eventually develops into a kick-ass fighter and magic wielder who'll save the day. Hooray!