This will probably be obvious, but with nothing to actually launch in Europe this Christmas, Sony has dropped an axe on the meaty neck of its Europe and UK advertising campaign.

The campaign was set to cost about 50 million pounds across Europe and Australia, and was hailed as the most important advertisement campaign since, well, the launch of the PS2. What did Sony have in store for us? Well...

The first two - called "Real-time" and "Blu-ray" - feature a boxer and an avid collector respectively.
In the boxing ad, the short film dramatises the power the PS3 has to learn and counter a player's moves.

The film featuring the collector aims to illustrate Blu-ray technology's capability for storing information.

Other films include a children's craze called "speed stacking" to show the processing speed of the PS3; BMX trick riders to demonstrate how to play using body movement; and a behind-the-scenes look at King Kong and Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson's special effects studios to underline the console's cinema-level production quality.

In other words, 50 million pounds worth of bull$#@!.