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Thread: Eloader installer for Mac

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    psp Eloader installer for Mac

    Delight1 has released a Mac installer version of Eloader, heres the info:

    to use this installer you must have the eloader098 folder in the root of the memory stick!!
    i have included the folder so you don't have to find it your self. you must also have a psp folder in the root of the memory stick with both a photo, and a savedata folder in it.

    before running this you should copy (? c) the name of your memory stick. when you run this program it will then ask for the name of your memory stick. you can either type it in or paste it (? v).

    it will also ask you if you want to install a gta save game. if you say yes it will let you pick which you want. and you can choose to install the windows utilitys...

    last time i did one of these at least one person said i was trying to take credit so here goes the credits: all credits to the eloader goes to the people that made it, not me :P

    ps. tell me if i need to fix something....

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments
    via delight1

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    Even though I'm a 1.50 user, I still must say, Great Release! I'm happy that the Mac and PSP user gets some attention every now and then.

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    Even though I'm not a Mac user, it's nice to know they're not being left out!

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    Well I'm a mac user. (Moment of silence) =P And while I too am on the 1.5/DehHook train, it is nice to see someone took the effort to make an auto installer for macs.

    Now if you could just port LunarMagic's rom patching utilities so I could patch Super Mario World roms on my mac, rather than at my friends house. That would be swell XD. I'm referring to Lunar Expand and Lunar IPS for anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about. Go google it! >.<

    P.S. The current IPS patcher, UIPS for macs, is kinda garbage. It can't patch like 5 out of the 12 or so I downloaded. The biggest one was Super Demo World, because it can't expand the roms like Lunar Expander can.

    EDIT: Oh and the utilities used to decrypt firmwares would be nice too. I just get full versions through PtP networks due to the fact that you can't decrypt firmwares on a mac. Nor can you expand EBOOT's while I'm on the subject. >.>

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    thanks bro. as a mac user it is a pain keep using mates PC.

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    Default Ditto

    Nice to see Mac efforts continuing.

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    thanks for the support

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    Nice news for all the Mac users

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