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Thread: X3Max jailbreaks 3.50 firmware?

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    ps3 X3Max jailbreaks 3.50 firmware?

    The makers of X3MAX claim that they have Jailbroken a v3.50 console, no need for any downgrade! You can read our full review of the X3Max here!

    And this is the third major advance in the world of hack Playstation 3: The jailbreak firmware 3.50 the PS3 by Team X3. After the jailbreak firmware up to 3.41, then downgrade the firmware 3.50, now the X3 team has managed to run homebrew on official firmware 3.50 without downgrading!

    The announcement is important, and Logic-Sunrise has done well to have bet on this team. 2 big questions:

    - Games like Gran Turismo 5 (requires firmware 3.50) work?
    - This update is compatible with the X3max? Is it free?

    We have that kind of information on LS in a few hours, but the feedback I have from them show a free and compatibility with X3max with an update, but I prefer to have confirmation. Until we have more information, a video of the feat.

    Some have questioned if this is the 3.50 Spoof but its not due to date in video and Sony blocking access to PSN. Some have also questioned that this may be a debug unit. There are many assumptions as to how the X3Max team were able to conquer this but my source at X3Max has confirmed that it is indeed LEGIT. We'll have to wait a couple more days for this to be released.

    X3Max has now confirmed it on their Twitter account.

    Source: Logic-Sunrise via PSX-Scene
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