Your Xbox or PS3 controller is okay the way it is ... but it could be so much more boogie board-shaped. The XtendPlay attachment adds a big block of foam to the bottom of your controller, apparently to both make your grip on your controller more comfortable and allow you to rest the whole thing in your lap more easily. Or something.

Creator Xwerx likens the development to the invention of the baseball glove. "So the question we put to you is: why are you still bare-handing your controller?" "Stallion83," who has over 500,000 Gamerscore, likes the device (or likes his endorsement deal), and he knows a thing or two about holding a controller for way too long.

The $20 ... things ... ship "in 2 weeks," according to the website, and are available for pre-order now. Still not convinced? Check out a trailer after the break. You really need to see this in motion.