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Super Nintendo emulator for Sony PlayStation 3 has been updated. Changes:
- PAL issues are fixed at all resolutions - ghosting is gone;
- It's now possible to run NTSC ROMs and PAL ROMs alike correctly at 576p PAL mode. When the setting 'PAL60' is set to ON, a trick will be applied to get NTSC ROMs to run correctly at 50Hz mode. If set to OFF, it will run PAL ROMs correctly. Even though PAL ROMs will play normally now at 480p/720p/1080p, 576p still seems to run PAL ROMs slightly better - but it's probably unnoticeable to the user.
- Cheatcode files can now be loaded and selected/enabled ingame. Note that all zSNES and SNES9x cheatcode files are supported - everything with the .CHT extension. You can also set a Cheatfile directory. If you don't set a Cheatfile directory, the default will be USRDIR.
- Cheatfiles must have the same filename as the ROM. Here is how selecting and enabling cheats works in-game:
- Right analog stick - Left + L2 - Move cheat position back by one (-1)
- Right analog stick - Right + L2 - Move cheat position forwards by one (+1)

* Right analog stick - Up - Enable the currently selected cheat

* Right analog stick - Down - Disable the currently selected cheat