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Thread: NeoGeo classics hit PlayStation Network

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    ps3 NeoGeo classics hit PlayStation Network

    Gamers who treasured cult Nineties console the NeoGeo are in for a blast from the past after SNK announced plans to release updated versions of its classic games on PlayStation 3.

    On 22nd December SNK Playmore will launch the NeoGeo Station on the PlayStation Network to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the console. An official EU website for the service is now live.

    It is designed to be a continuously growing library of classic NeoGeo games - €8.99 per title for PS3 and €6.99 per title for PSP. UK specific prices were not revealed – we're checking now.

    10 PS3 games and three PSP games will be available at launch. Fatal Fury, Metal Slug and The King of Fighters '94 will all be released as PS3 and PSP titles. In 2011 SNK will release the PSP versions of the remaining games as well as others.

    They'll be updated with versus and/or co-operative play. Online play will be possible over PSN and through Ad-Hoc Mode for PSP versions.

    The complete list:

    Fatal Fury
    Alpha Mission II
    The King of Fighters '94
    Samurai Shodown
    Baseball Stars Professional
    Magician Lord
    Metal Slug
    League Bowling
    Super Sidekicks
    Art of Fighting
    Which did you play?

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    Now they need to get Neogeo Pocket titles to the android platform they are developing and we are golden.

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