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The Cyclops team, which announced the arrival of a new linker there is a little over a month, is back with new details on their youngest, but not least.

They announce that indeed it would be able to run in native mode DSi, which would make the first real DS linker (other backward compatibility mode using the DS).

This opens the door to a new generation of homebrew (and later to commercial games) that could benefit from additional capacity of the DSi: camera, SD card, more power (ram, processor). A free copy will be distributed to the same legitimate homebrew developers who request them.

As promised, the Cyclops team is proud to announce a revolutionary new feature to its next linker, available soon. The competition that currently does to run the linkers in DS mode, depriving them of features unique to the DSi: camera, wifi improved, additional RAM, processor speed greater, DSP, etc..
IEVO the linker will be the first market to enable these features, initially for the homebrew, and later for commercial games. It will be possible to take advantage of multiple ways, and we are sure that the homebrew scene will be pleased to support these features.

The Cyclops team will be happy to provide free, homebrew developers to legitimate copies of their linker to assist development. Please send an email to "" for more information.

A new era seems well and truly on, much to the delight of fans of homebrew.