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    Default Final Fantasy III Questions

    I have read the Compatibility list, and it states it loads. I didn't want to Necro post that thread in case I wasn't allowed to....

    I was wondering (I don't mind it being slow) if anyone knew how to get Final Fantasy III to load. I get a "Initializing backup data".

    I've tried to let it sit for a while to see if it would work, but a whole hour later, nothing...

    If PSP specs matter, mine is: 5.50 Prometheus PSP2001. :>

    Thanks for reading everyone!

    I mean the FFIII on DS to work on the DS emulator for PSP
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    Do other games load? Does that same file work on a computer version of the emulator? Is the compatibily list for an older version of that emulator? (somtimes updates do that). And on some compatibilty lists it will say stuff like loads, but unplayable, etc. In any case i would recomend FF VI over that, but each to his own.

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    HELP! I downloaded ff4 advance rom with e-boot to my psp 3000 fw 6.37 but it wont work! It shows up in the games menu but when i try to play it it just says "Invalid copyright information. 8010850E". Someone help please!

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    Sorry this is late, I've been sick for a while now

    @Dread Cthulhu:
    I haven't tried other games as I bought FF3DS and a DS (Which is at the fixers) and wanted to play in a hurry.

    The farthest I get it to ever do, is repeat "initializing backup data". Someone said something about a raw sav, but I don't know what that means. I know what a sav is, but what do I do with it?

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