Dwedit has released a new version of PocketNes which works only on the GBA Movie Player (which also works on Nintendo DS too)[br][br]Heres whats new in this release (v5)[br][br] Pocketnes v9.97 compy, Release 5 [br]Supports 256k compressed roms in multiboot mode! [br]Also fixes bugs. No more junk on the screen at bootup, probably fixes the SMB1 problems as well. [br][br]Now you can play 256k PRG games! [br]256k PRG games will have load times during gameplay, since the GBA doesn't have enough ram to hold the complete uncompressed rom. You might feel the game hiccup when changing areas or making a text box appear/disappear. [br][br]You MUST first compress large games with the included nespack tool before you try to play them. [br][br]If you don't like the load times, let me know. There's another solution that will involve eating up 16k of SRAM from a gba cartridge, but will eliminate the load times. [br] [br][br]Download Here