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For everyone who’s asking, “how do I enable plugins with 6.20 TN-A?” Well here’s how and not only that — here’s your first plugin you can activate and try out: Bubbletune’s Game Categories Light.

Game Categories Light v1.0 Features

•Adds a new option called ‘By Category’ to your ‘Group Content’ menu.
•Adds the ‘By Category’ option in the Square-button cycling.
•Defaults to the ‘By Category’ option when you load the menu.
•Introduces a subtitle that shows the game type and firmware limits.
Game Categories Light v1.0 Installation

1.Create X:/seplugins if it doesn’t exist.
2.Create X:/seplugins/vsh.txt if it doesn’t exist and edit it by adding one of these on a new line:
◦PSPgo (built-in storage): ef0:/seplugins/game_categories_light.prx 1
◦All other PSP models: ms0:/seplugins/game_categories_light.prx 1
3.Reboot your PSP using ‘RESTART VSH’ in the VSH menu so HEN is maintained.
Update: And already we’re at version 1.1 — “Fixed DLC’s (PARAM.PBP) and random files being detected as categories).