News/release from Yamagushi

Name: YamaIRC
Version: Beta
Author(s): Yamagushi
License: Closed Source
Language: C

YamaIRC is an Internet Relay Chat(IRC) Client for the Zune HD and PSP devices.

It currently supports all the basics of IRC from PM's to Actions(/me) to Joining/Parting Channels. It features Multi-Channel support, Selectable User Lists, Built In OSK, MyChannel Private Messaging Window, New Message Alerts, and more.

This is only a beta release, bugs are to be expected, let me know about em, and ill do my best to fix everything.

My Forum can be found at

YamaIRC uses an original IRC Engine developed by Yamagushi. It is distributed as closed source software. The Official Forum can be found at
You may redistribute these files as long as they are provided for free. This is a public release.
YamaIRC-PSP uses OSlib Mod 1.1.1 created by Brunni and Sakya. OSLib can be found at and OSlib Mod can be found at
YamIRC-ZuneHD uses OpenZDK created by the members of the Zune Boards Development Front. They can be found at
YamaIRC also uses the UniSpace Font by Ray Larabie. His site can be found at

Special Thanks To:
And the Rest of ##psp-programming on Freenode IRC.
And the Rest of #zbdf on Freenode IRC.
And a Special Thanks to my Testers, such as Re4thewin and DrCam.