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The deadline is expired, the Nintendomax DS Dev Competition 2010 is officially closed to all new entries. We record 13 original entries, 11 games and 2 applications. We thank all participants, we invite those who submitted projects still in development to continue their work even though future versions will not be considered for the competition.

Here is a list of all projects submitted:
- Color Lines by Kukulcan (France)
- Dont Get Crushed by ThatOtherPerson (Canada)
- Maziacs by alekmaul (France)
- Myster Dungeon by C_BoY (France)
- Bubble Fighter EX by Relminator (Philippines)
- Kartz: Animalia World! by dheart (Indonesia)
- Multi View by ThatOtherPerson (Canada)
- Karoshi XEM by DS (France)
- By DS Waimanu sverx (Italy)
- Mazed by walar (France)
- Arsenal by smealum (France)
- HomebreWifi by XEM (France)
- MegaStopwatch by Thungbard (Canada)

Full archive (Ready to use):
Full_Projects January 1 2011.rar

I invite all members of the jury to download the complete archive above to make their judgments with the following scale:

Rating / 15
Describes the playability of a game
Describes the ease of use of an App

Fun / Utility
Rating / 10
Subjective score, on the personal entertainment on the game
Usefulness of the application

Use DS
Rating / 15
Using intelligent capabilities of the DS: Touch buttons, dual display (and micro)

Rating / 15
Original style of game and gameplay
For example, a sokoban, pong, breakout, it's not original, but if it is revisited intelligently, it can yield points qq
Ditto for an app.

Rating / 10
Number of levels high enough interest or to replay this (kind of unlockable trophies or)

Rating / 10
Determination of the difficulty well balanced (if you're a big quiche to a game, it Pitet 'your fault, ask the other judges)
Progressive difficulty throughout the game

Rating / 10
For a game: quality graphics, sprites, backgrounds, animations (if any).
For an application: clarity of the application, icons, etc..
Prefer not ripped graphics.

Sounds and music
Rating / 10
Quality of sound and music
For an application, if present, they are used intelligently. If absent, the averaging may be performed without this note.
Promote sound and music not ripped.

Rating / 5
Describes the stability of the game, the application and if there are bugs.
0 -> plant very often
5 -> does not crash ever

In case of trouble or doubt to write, call or Cid2Mizard EvilTroopa.

- Cid2mizard of
- Tiwaz of
- EvilTroopa of
- Herve de
- Damien
- James
- The staff of

Thank you and good luck to all participants, the results will be posted no later than January 30, 2011.