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Thread: PSP Now Open-Console for Developers

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    psp PSP Now Open-Console for Developers

    Rarely do we post any news about the PSP nor do you hear any big news about it because quite frankly, the scene is pretty much over.

    But with the recent events such as fail0verflow's 27C3 conference that opened the whole can of worms about Sony EPIC FAIL in regards to the PS3's security to Geohot releasing PS3's root key, this lead to many other things in the process. This causes the latest PSP models to be fully opened to firmware changes and enabling homebrew on it.

    Developers were able to find PSP keys hidden away inside the PS3 console (truely an EPIC FAIL on Sony's part). With that said, Mathieulh was able to find the PSP Master Key in the PS3:

    < @Mathieulh> got the kirk engine keys
    < @Mathieulh> thx sony xD
    < +rck`d> psp crypto
    < @Mathieulh> well it’s in ps3 but it’s psp keys
    < @Mathieulh> I can encrypt/sign any psp apps now
    < @Mathieulh> lol
    < @Mathieulh> yah
    < @Mathieulh> has drm keyz too
    < @dwrfcrank> Davee: Hey I told you it’s a isolated SPU module >:O
    < @Mathieulh> so you can make your own psn store clone
    < @Mathieulh> on psp

    Mathieulh is able to encrypt and sign anything on the PSP now.

    The key important part of the PSP, the so called "Kirk Keys", which is basically the small hardware crypto engine that is responsible for almost all aspects of the PSP’s security, including decryption of eboots & prx’s, savefile and adhoc encryption, and idstorage verification. (@Mathieulh (Twitter) via Dukio)

    It was not long afterwards before the scene quickly improved the existing PSP tools and released versions for the latest PSP firmwares like new v6.31 and v6.35 HEN, enabling homebrew on most PSP models!

    HEN Enabler via PSP-Hacks

    Source: PSX-Scene
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    Good news. However, perhaps re-phrase the article. The article makes it seem as if the HEN was updated (when it wasn't - it's a new HEN entirely) and that it was done because of the crypto - when they were updated independently.

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    Wait a minute, I thought the hen wasn't needed anymore because we could just sign the eboot!? I'm confused ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by NoQuarter View Post
    Wait a minute, I thought the hen wasn't needed anymore because we could just sign the eboot!? I'm confused ...

    The story from psp-hacks is misleading.

    It's more like... Mathieulh can sigh PSP code. Ohh and by the way here is hen for 6.35.

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