A whopping 63 million console and PC games were bought in the UK last year - that averages at over one game per UK resident.

The UK games market was worth 2.875 billion in 2010, according to official figures from UK trade body UKIE, reported by MCV.

The Xbox 360 was the UK's most lucrative console with hardware revenues of 232 million. The PS3 followed with 229 million. The two platforms combined shifted 2.3 million units.

Xbox 360 game sales amounted to 538 million, PS3 game sales 414 million. 18.2 million Xbox 360 game units and 13.8 million PS3 game units were sold in 2010. In total console software sales hit 1.45 billion.

UKIE did not release sales data for Nintendo products. It did note, however, that only the PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles saw growth.

"Despite 2010 being a tough year for the economy, the video games and interactive entertainment industry continues to perform strongly," UKIE director general Mike Rawlinson stated.

2010's 2.875 billion total is down on 2009's 3.3 billion haul. The figures relate to retail/boxed games only, and do not include digital download sales.