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Thread: 'TurboGrafx Classics' to crush PSN this month

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    ps3 'TurboGrafx Classics' to crush PSN this month

    Last month, Neo Geo games arrived on North America's PlayStation Store (now available in a single, $80 bundle). This month, as announced last year, PSN will host games from another vintage, relatively obscure console: the Turbografx-16. Hudson has listed a series of downloadable TG16 "Classics" -- currently available on Wii's Virtual Console service -- to be released throughout January on the Store, including Bonk's Adventure, New Adventure Island and the wonderful sci-fi pinball game Alien Crush.

    Ten titles in all have been announced, with the full list posted after the break. No particular dates or prices have been revealed, but there are only three more Tuesdays, and therefore three more PSN updates, left this month. We'll ask Hudson if it would be more specific.

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    Wow. They spared PSN the utter joke that is Double Dungeons.

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    Wow i'm very impressed, it only took Sony 4 years to begin to compete with virtual console, just imagine how many there'll be in another 4 years, i've got my fingers out ready to count them.

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