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Thread: Friend Codes to return with 3DS?

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    NDS Friend Codes to return with 3DS?

    Nintendo's 3DS is sticking with the DS and Wii's $#@!bersome Friend Codes online matchmaking system, if early impressions of Capcom's Street Fighter IV 3D Edition are to be believed.

    According to a preview of the portable brawler featured in Japanese games mag Famitsu, as translated by Andriasang, you'll need to trade Friend Codes if you want to challenge buddies online.

    There are also options for anonymous matchings via "Quick Match" and "Custom Match" features.

    The magazine makes no mention of whether the system will be universal to all 3DS titles or if it's unique to Capcom's game.

    Nintendo declined to offer further clarification when contacted by Eurogamer and directed us back to Capcom. Perhaps all will become clear at the platform-holder's impending Amsterdam 3DS event, scheduled for 19th January.

    Nintendo first introduced the Friend Codes set-up at the DS's launch back in 2004. It requires users to enter a 12 digit code, unique to every game, whenever they want to play online with a friend.

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    I dislike friend codes. It's nice if a parent wants to keep a kid from making friends with strangers but they tend to get ridiculous

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