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Thread: FRONTIER 1337 - version 0.2.1 - Working on recent firmwares

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    Atien - I wouldnt change the makefile to be honest - it works and thats awesome Ill upgrade my Phat to 5.03 sometime anyway or maybe a CFW (the recent keys failOverflow found for the psp and ps3 mean I dont rly need to go CFW as I can sign Eboots now anwyay).

    Anyone - Quick question about controls - I just spent 5 mins trying to pick up a container with a fuel scoop and cargo scoop upgrade, ended up crashing into it - is it like Elite 1 where you have to aim a little above the object?
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    Recently I had some free time to work on Frontier again, and right now, it is 3am and I'm soooo exausted by a little problem using SDL_PollEvent to handle the PSP keys.
    So if anyone knows something about this subject, all is explained right here :

    Thanks for your support!

    ... Bed Time!

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    Any progress Atien mate?

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    Hi nathanmnm, sorry I didn't saw your message.
    As I'm back home where my computer under windows is, I will compile a new version soon with some speed improvement and the ability to choose screen resolution at the begining.
    There are still some little issues with the music, but I'll try to arrange that in the future.

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