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The German developer Deutschland 1 , forum member has just launched the new version of its recovery menu and VSH Manager for PSP Flashable 100x and 200x.
Quick reminder that recovery menu replaces the conventional recovery menu of PSP in CFW D GEN and M33 and therefore can do their job of managing the settings of the PSP and a beautiful option that débrickage the PSP if it brig is a mechanism by X and this just through the menu revovery the launch of the PSP which can be accessed by pressing the R button on the console for the ignition ..

new / fixed:
-Added a SHIFT official installer from MS (ms0: / UPDATE.PBP).
-Addition of older versions of original firmware (3.71, 3.80, 3.90, 3.95, 4.01).
UMD Dumper added.
New-design (thank you to BAM (TZX)).