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Thread: Backup Managers Now Enabled for 3.55 Custom Firmwares (News only. No downloads)

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    ps3 Backup Managers Now Enabled for 3.55 Custom Firmwares (News only. No downloads)

    By now, we all know about Geohot's 3.55 Custom Firmware that enabled homebrew only. All have been waiting patiently for someone to incorporate the ability to play backups on 3.55 along with homebrew and playing on PSN. With Geohot and KaKaRoTo release of their 3.55 jailbreak, release of Root Keys, it was bound to happen and the flood gates have been opened.

    Within the past week or so, there have been 3 different custom firmwares (CFW) that enabled homebrew and backups. The 3 are:

    • Wutangrza (based off of flukes1 - enabled ONLY if you use Kmeaw's lv2 patch (needs to run everytime at startup) -
    • Waninkoko (*Note: This version is known to brick PS3 Phat's with 256MB NAND Flash. See below for list)
    • kmeaw (based off of Wutangrza - also has a lv2 patch for Wutangrza)

    - Wutangrza's CFW is basically what flukes1 released it just has peek/poke enabled but you can't install PKG's.
    - Waninkoko's CFW is his own CFW that installs over Sony's Official Firmware (OFW) 3.55.
    - Geohot's CFW can be installed over the top on Wutangrza's CFW and allows you to install special signed PKG's.
    - kmeaw's CFW has peek/poke and allows you to bypass PKG checks, like how it used to work on 3.41. Therefore you don't need to sign stuff like Geohot's CFW.
    - kmeaw's lv2 patch is basically a simple PKG you need to launch before running any backup manager. It will patch lv2 and add syscalls in memory. They are removed once you power off. Safe and efficient! First run the PKG, then run the Backup Manager. When rebooting, you need to repeat the process...kind of like the jailbreak dongles.

    The following are NAND sizes of PS3's. If your PS3 models is in red do not install this Waninkoko's CFW until a fix is available:

    o CECHA = 256MB
    o CECHB = 256MB
    o CECHC = 256MB
    o CECHE = 256MB
    o CECHG = 256MB

    o CECHH = 16MB
    o CECHJ = 16MB
    o CECHK = 16MB
    o CECHL = 16MB
    o CECHM = 16MB
    o CECHP = 16MB
    o CECHQ = 16MB

    o CECH-20..A = 16MB
    o CECH-20..B = 16MB
    o CECH-21..A = 16MB
    o CECH-21..B = 16MB
    o CECH-250.A = 16MB
    o CECH-250.B = 16MB
    o CECH-250.A = 16MB
    o CECH-250.B = 16MB
    o CECH-251.A = 16MB
    o CECH-251.B = 16MB

    Some Backup Managers have even been updated to work on 3.55 CFW such as Multi-Man and GAIA Manager.

    Due to legal reasons, we will not be posting links to these Custom Firmwares as they contain Sony copyrights. There are plenty of sites to find more information about this. DO NOT post links to downloads. This post is basically for informational and news purposes only. We do not condone piracy.
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