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Thread: Hermes CFW 3.41 Version 1.0 (BETA) Released

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    ps3 Hermes CFW 3.41 Version 1.0 (BETA) Released

    Hermes, famous for his payload work, has released his first custom firmware (CFW) today. Unlike the other CFW's available, Hermes decided to release a CFW based off of 3.41 firmware. The firmware basically allows you to jailbreak your console on 3.41 without the need for a dongle, useful for those not planning to update to 3.55. We must stress this is still a beta release and when flashing a custom firmware there is always a chance of bricking.

    Read more: - Hermes CFW 3.41 Version 1.0 (BETA) Released

    tested IN:

    CECHC04 (my model, 3 times with different changes, FAT 60GB)
    CECHG04 (FAT)
    CECHH04 (FAT 40GB)
    CECHL04 (FAT 80 gb)
    CECH2504B (slim)
    CECH2404A (slim)
    CECH2004A (slim)
    CECH2004B (slim)

    Hermes CFW 3.41 version 1.0 (BETA)

    WARNING! This modified firware is tested only by two persons (it is experimental!!!) with this models:

    CECHC04 (my model, 3 times with different changes, FAT 60GB)
    CECHG04 (FAT)
    CECHH04 (FAT 40GB)
    CECHL04 (FAT 80 gb)
    CECH2504B (slim)
    CECH2404A (slim)
    CECH2004A (slim)
    CECH2004B (slim)

    I cannot be sure if it can brick others models (donīt use this CFW if you have buy your console with 3.50+, you can brick it!)

    I am not responsible if this CFW brick you console: I have taken all possible precautions using SHA1 hash to avoid errors building the firmware, etc, and other problems (i include too my own patch utility to be sure you apply the patch correctly).

    Building the firmware:

    Put original PS3UPDAT.PUP (3.41 v2) with patch.bat and run patch.bat. It must create CFW341_PS3UPDAT.PUP.

    Put CFW341_PS3UPDAT.PUP as PS3UPDAT.PUP in one pendrive (usb:/PS3/UPDATE/PS3UPDAT.PUP) and try toupdate normally from the device.

    If it say "you have this version yet" try the restoration - recovery method (pressing POWER. Ask about this method if you donīt know in the forums)


    - LV1 patch for undocumented v1_undocumented_function_114 (kudos for flukes1/graf_chokolo) 1 byte, donīt worry! XD

    - LV2 peek/poke patch (original from psgroove)

    - vsh.self patch to enable .self (same patch as psgroove-hermes_v4B. To launch self requires the payload working)

    - nas_plugin.sprx patch to enable packages (same patch as psgroove-hermes_v4B. You can install PSL1GHT original packages but requires
    geohot make_self_npdrm without one payload working)

    - category_game.xml modified to enable packages (kudos for KaKaRoTo)

    With this options PS3 works with Homebrew signed (use make_self_npdrm in the EBOOT.BIN).


    Install payloadhv4.pkg and launch it to load the psgroove-hermes_v4B

    NOTE: payload code is experimental. I need to work in the application and the payload to add news features.
    don't worry about the source code now: this is a beta test version yet, but the source code will soon available.

    Source: ElOtroLado, PSX-Scene & PSGroove
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