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Project64K is a Nintendo64 emulator with Kaillera support.

Project64k Version 0.17

* New Features

- 2,000 Max Cheats
- New logo

* Bugs Fixed

- Lin Audio plugin fixed
- iNput64 fixed
- Windows Vista crash error fixed


- Cheats will lag if too many are on
- Windows 7 and Vista users can not use some plugins.
Posted by smasherx74 at 9:27 AM 2 comments
Project64k 0.16
Posted by smasherx74 On Saturday, November 13, 2010 0 comments

Project64k Version 0.16

I would like to say I´m happy to make this update again. I got my old files on my old computer back so I could update the emulator again and I think it´s a lot better now. More updates to come in future. I hope you continue to follow the NEW Project64k versions.

* New Features:
- Direct64 added
- iNput64 added
- New RDB
- New RDX
- New Cht file
- Rice video plugin error FIXED
- Kailleraclient Update
- Less memory usage
- Default 8mb processor
- Rom compressor
- New icon and New logo


- Online play can now support 24mb ROM files!
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Project64k 0.15 / 0.14 / 0.14 Beta
Posted by smasherx74 On Tuesday, June 8, 2010 1 comments

Project64k Version 0.15

* Bugs
- GFX / Audio plugin over load error.

* New Features:
- Updated RDB
- Kailleraclient Update.
- Glide64 older versions added.
- Darkmans Input added.
- New Audio plugins added.
- New RSP update.
- Redone Source code
- Binary updated.


- Kailleraclient may be updated regularly, Please check with the kailleraclient updater weekly or daily.

- CPU usage spikes when playing Golden eye, Perfect Dark, and Donkey Kong 64.

- Rice Video Plugin may not work on 32bit windows 7 / vista OS.


Project64k 0.14 (Stable Version)
Second release:

* New Features:
- Updated to last Ownasauras kaillera client that allows to use any ping.
- Updated Project64.rdb file.
- Updated old windows 95 visual style to windows xp visual style.
- Updated logo, icon and other things.
- Rice Video Plugin added.


Project64k 0.14 (BETA Version)
First release:

* New Features:
- Updated RDB.
- Choose able GFX plugin and audio Plugin.
- Binary update.
- Kailleraclient Update.
- Glide64 added.

Known issues:

- Current GFX plugin error when overloading plugin.


- Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Griffey, Jr. can be played without speed issues and high hardware requirements using Rice Video Plugin.

- Goldeneye 007 missions can be played without speed issues and high hardware requirements using Rice Video Plugin or Glide64. Glide64 shows almost all textures.

- Pokemon Puzzle League can be played without texture issues with Glide64.