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Thread: PCSP v0.5.1 released

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    psp PCSP v0.5.1 released

    Shadow and Hilde have released a new version of the PSP Emulator for Windows:

    Heres whats new:

    A new minor version is here. Don't expect too much updates , the most important ones are the fix of freeze bug when you use vsnyc limiter and better opengl extension detection. Also for older cards there is software emulation of some OcclusionQuery where this is not available.

    Here is the changelog

    - added gl_Core : now occlusion_query, vertex_buffer_object and framebuffer_object are now correctly detected to fill core functions if not
    - added a software version of BBOX in gl_OcclusionQuery
    - correct handling 32-bit overflow of timer seems to fix the "freeze" bug with some games when vsync is ON

    You can d/l pcsp from download section or from the following link:

    A version with pcsp-udb (the pcsp frontend) is also available from the following link:


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    kewl..does it work?

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