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Thread: Review: PS3 Move Light Gun Controller Shell

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    ps3 Review: PS3 Move Light Gun Controller Shell

    PS3 Move Light Gun Controller Shell
    Manufacturer: Fomis Electronic
    Model: TP3-385
    Site: Buy from LighTake
    Price: $14.79

    Overview : PS3 MOVE light gun is a product designed and developed according to the PS3 console shooting games, It can enhance the simulation effect of the games. Just insert the PS3 MOVE left and right controller into the shell of the gun and then you can use it. In addition, it completely does not affect the relevant operations of PS3 MOVE controller and the access of other accessories. Also, it is attractive in appearance, original in pattern and fully complies with the ergonomic design principles.

    Features :
    • Brand New Ergonomic Plastic Light Gun for Sony PS3 Move Controller
    • Suitable for the PS3 gun shooting games in PS3 Move technology
    • Realistic shape design and it brings users the best gaming experience
    • Unlock the button of pistol and uncover the controller lid
    • Insert PS3 move controller into the corresponding area of light gun
    • You may feel super-shock game effect when using the gun

    Quality/Usability : When there's controller, expect 3rd party accessories for those controllers. When the Nintendo Wii was released there was a flood of accessories for the motion controllers such as the first ever review of the Wii boxing gloves, Controller Grip, Sport Controller Extensions and it's accessory attachments isn't complete unless you have Light Gun.

    When Sony showed off the PS3 MOVE and Navigation controller at E3 2010, they showed some of their own accessories and attachments. When there's money to be made, 3rd party manufacturers will be right on top of releasing their own. Today, we have the Ergonomic Plastic Light Gun.

    Unlike Sony's light gun attachment and some other 3rd party light gun shells, the MOVE controller goes on top and the Navigation controller goes on the back of the grip. At first look, the gun looks pretty big. It looks like a gun used for laser tag.

    Lets start with the MOVE controller. The MOVE controller fits snugly in its spot and is held in place with a plastic "buckle" that goes over it to keep it from falling out. No need to worry about the wrist strap on the MOVE controller as it still fits into the shell. To the left and right of the shell near the tip are buttons for the SELECT and START button. At the very front is a big button. This pulls the T trigger. What's nice about this huge area is the ability to put your hand underneath for support and grip. It's kind of like holding a shotgun.

    For the Navigation controller, it is held in place by a wishbone type "clamp" that also acts as the sight for aiming. There's really no easy way of lifting it up except for pulling from one of the edges. The trigger inside the grip is used to pull the L2 trigger on the Navigation controller. The top near the sight are two black buttons (one of the left and right). They both push the L1 button but makes things easier depending if you're a righty or lefty. If you have your left hand towards the front and your right hand holding the grip, you can have your middle finger pulling the L2 trigger while you have your index finger (pointer), pressing the L1 button. Your thumb can control the joystick, directional buttons or X/O buttons

    Conclusion : Overall, the PS3 Move Light Gun Controller Shell is a bit big for a light gun shell but better than holding the MOVE light gun shell in one hand and the Navigation controller in the other. With this shell, the placement of buttons and the way you hold the shell feels more natural in your hands. Placements of buttons are easily accessible but the grip is little big for my liking. The size of the Navigation controller is perfect so adding a plastic shell around it makes it thicker.

    Images via comments
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