Last week we got the exciting news that Battlefield 3 will be released this autumn via the first trailer for the game.

We then got a boat load of new information about the game, including the fact it will feature battles in Paris, Tehran and New York..

Your reaction to the Battlefield 3 announcement was a little bit mixed, especially concerning the fact that the new DICE shooter would sport a single-player campaign.

You were concerned that the EA brand of modern warfare wouldn't actually be able to separate itself from all the other modern warfare out there. But EA senior gamplay designer Alan Kertz, has reassured gamers that there are no plans to 'kill COD by copying', which should provide a glimmer of hope.

So, what do EA and DICE have up their sleeves? When dealing with dusty, dirty war in modern times, what needs to be done to truly revolutionise the genre and can COD be eliminated from the top spot by Battlefield 3?