PDP, known in the gaming business for gaming accessories has released a new accessory. The Marvel Versus Fighting Pad is a wired joypad that sports micro-switches for the thumb stick and six front-facing buttons, which is what you get on most arcade consoles. Available February 14, this will set you back $40. Right now only an Xbox 360 model is planned, but if it sells well they will also be bringing it to the PS3.


Special Marvel-Themed Version of PDP's Patented Versus Fighting Pad Available in February

LOS ANGELES, CA February 7, 2011 Performance Designed Products LLC ("PDP"), a worldwide leader in the videogame accessory market, today announced the limited edition Marvel Edition Versus Fighting Pad for the Xbox 360. This new game pad has been designed specifically to appeal to both fighting gamers and fans of Marvel comics, with high-quality parts, unique design and explosive artwork taken from the pages of one of Marvel's biggest events of 2010: Siege. The Marvel Edition Versus Fighting Pad will be available at retail and on PDP.com for a suggested retail price of $39.99 beginning February 14, 2011.

"In the last few years, fighting games have re-emerged as an incredibly popular genre in the console gaming world, with a dedicated, serious audience that demands high-quality tools," said Tom Roberts, chief technical officer, Performance Designed Products. "We have designed the Versus Fighting Pad to be the ultimate game pad for fighting-game players while reflecting the super heroics of Marvel in this special-edition controller."

PDP has joined with Marvel to create the Marvel Edition Versus Fighting Pad, a patented, wired six-button controller specifically designed for AAA fighting games on the Xbox 360. As players would expect from an actual arcade machine, high quality micro-switch activators have been used for the thumb stick, which has been custom designed and constructed to feel like an arcade joystick but with the more comfortable and compact feel of a thumb pad.

The Marvel Edition Versus Fighting Pad buttons have been placed in the expected six-button configuration on the face of the pad to give the user true arcade feel and accuracy when playing fighting games. The thumb stick has a rubberized, over-tooled cap while the pad itself has a satin grip finish, which means that the controller moves exactly as players demand without slipping out of their hands.

Players can order the Marvel Edition Versus Fighting Pad from http://www.pdp.com

Source: Press Release via Engadget