Recommended Free Android apps:

  • Advanced Task Killer Free: For killing off any apps that currently still running quickly
  • Astro: File management
  • Google Sky Map : pure wow
  • IMDb app: App for the Website IMDb
  • mAnalytics: Google analytics app
  • Meebo IM: For your MSM or AIM accounts (its like Pidgin IM)
  • Opera Mini: Web Browser
  • Shazam: Record a few sec of a song and it tells you the name and artist
  • RockPlayer: Video (avi) player
  • Achievements & Trophies: for your Xbox live and PSN accounts

Recommended Paid Android apps:

  • Tapatalk Pro: For easy forum browsing ( like our forum)

If you have any others that you think that should be on the list or any that are better than the ones on this list please post them.