Coldbird posted this on his blog:

Dear followers, sorry for the lack of updates on here, I will try to keep this page a lot more updated in the future.
As for the Updates. There are quite a few, not exactly that new but still.
6.35 PRO evolved, you all noticed, from a simple HEN to a CFW with a PXE, ISO Support, PSN Support, and several other tiny goodies like CPU overclocking, Plugin Support, etc.
To simplify it for you guys to keep up 2 date on the latest CFW files, we have setup a official download page for our CFW data, which you guys can access at, future releases will be hosted there first place.
As with everything else we provide, this is and will always be freely available, should you however decide to donate to our cause, please do so using one of our PayPal donate icons, like the one the menu-bar over here, should you donate please make sure to identify your donation in some way, flag it with “For PRO Development” as its mean of use or something of the sort, should you just wish to contribute to the hosting costs of this place, just leave the mean of use field empty.
As we have already lost 2 PSPs in the process of developing nice software for you guys, every cent would be a big help to keep us updated on the physical media we might need in future.
Now onto the more private updates, concerning my life. I’ve taken a big step in life by proposing to my beloved girlfriend, who has been sharing this blog with me ever since I can think back, after being a couple for 2 years and approximately 2 months, she said yes and we intend to marry sometime within the next 1~2 years (I know, kinda late, but we have our reasons for this).
Other than that, I’m back to school after a week of holidays, its the usual boring life really, but there is enough stuff to do to keep me occupied so I’m pretty sure I will have my hands full of work soon enough again.
Thats it pretty much for now, Greetings to all of you, Coldbird.