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Thread: CFW 6.37 (PSP 200x flashable)

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    psp CFW 6.37 (PSP 200x flashable)

    News via gxmod

    After getting to know his cfw 6.35, the Japanese developer neur0ner just passed a new stage which is the development of a permanent CFW from version 6.37 of SONY.

    This is the first time we see such a feat on 6.37, neur0ner hope a bright future for his custom firmware as was the case with version 6.35.
    A small information should not be neglected, which was already present on the 6.35, this newcomer can not settle on the PSP 200X Flashable with the date code-7C-8B.
    PSP 200X 8C, PSP, 100X, 300X and GO are not compatible, so be careful.

    This supports CFW 6.37 backups natively contains a recovery menu but also has the ability to boot on the official firmware 6.37 from the recovery menu.
    OPNSSMP option for games that require a firmware below 6.37 is also present and activated from the recovery menu.

    The installation method is somewhat unique in that it installs the official firmware and custom at the same time and requires a PSP with firmware HEN 200X or custom (eg 5.00M33, 6.20TN, 6.35PRO).

    - Copy the update folder from the downloaded archive in the folder GAME: ms0/PSP/GAME /.
    - Download and save the original firmware 6.37 file in the Update before like this: ms0: / PSP/GAME/UPDATE/637.PBP.
    - Run the setup file (installer) from the XMB and follow the instructions.

    The stability of this first release of CFW 6.37 is uncertain, listing the author, so refer to the various tests.

    The-green thank you for this new.

    CFW 6.37 (PSP 200x flashable)

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    So... why is it all these 6.xx CFW's can't be installed on a PSP phat but can only install on a few specific models? also, didn't all the holes for ISO loading and such get patched in 6.37?

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