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You can patiently wait for the new 3DS…or you can experience 3D on your existing hardware with this impressive plugin by PSPWizard, which will turn your homebrews into real 3D (provided you have the appropriate green/red glasses). PSPWizard’s homebrew has been around for a little while, but this entry for the Genesis competition is an update to this awesome work, with the following features:


  • new game support: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
  • in-game 3D-Mode change possible. While keeping L-Trigger and R-Trigger pressed you could use the following keys to “play” with the 3D appearence while the 3D mode is active in the game you are playing:
    • * Left/Right of the digi-Pad is changing the shift amount of the anaglyph colors
    • * 3D activiation key (default is NOTE) to toggle the anaglyph colors from red/cyan to geen/pink and to yellow/blue…
  • Download Here