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Thread: DualHexen/Hexen DS 0.28

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    Default DualHexen/Hexen DS 0.28

    Old news (May 2010) but there is a new release of HexenDS/DualHexen. Changes include:
    • Saving/Loading games (however savegames are not compatible with the PC version
    • Inventory manipulation via the touchscreen:
    • Touch the image of the active inventory item to use it.
    • Touch the empty area just to the right of the item to bring up the inventory bar.
    • Touch an item in the inventory bar to make it the active item.
    • If you have more than 7 items in inventory, select the one at the edge to scroll, then return to your inventory.
    • This interface could stand to be improved, but it is functional.

      Altered control configuration:
    • A = fire
    • B = use (i.e. open doors)
    • Y = jump
    • X = cycle weapons
    • L = strafe left
    • R = strafe right
    • D-Pad = move forward/backwards, turn left/right
    • Touchscreen = mouselook, inventory

    Newb-ish question, but how do I compile the source? I've got DevKitPro installed if anyone has a good guide?

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    What's wrong with using the pre-built binary? Anyway, here's a guide to installing devkitARM (you need the ARM version for DS building)

    devkitPro includes "Programmer's Notepad" software. Open dualHexen's Makefile with it and go to Tools > Make.

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