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The PSP Genesis Competition continues to produce material involved. This time is the French developer UnlimitedX to put meat on the fire with his Kingdom of War . Based on the amateur version of the PSP MMORPG Warcraft , this new online RPG is proposed as an alternative to it. At the moment the game is still in the early stages of development, has many bugs and the only dedicated server is always active. The hope is that it can reap a sufficient number of successes that warrants the opening of new servers.
Meanwhile, the developer provides us with what has been achieved so far, with a beta version playable (in French) so as to get an idea of the product.

Changelog v8 - Pictures and downloads:
.: Changelog:.
- Fixed some bugs
- When a character is engaged in a fight: a) the PV decreased by 50% b) increase Stamina and Hit Points
- When a character is engaged in combat, a shield appears next to the bar PV
- Decreased time to respawn
- New animations
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