New from Ponlork

Hey young world, Ponlork here with a brand new release of my Learn Japanese app. This version is signed so it should work on all PSPs. I've added Katakana support, 3 new stages, plus the ability to save! Clearing all the stages will access a ending. I've also included more audio and a lot of other surprises as well. Hiragana & Katakana mode only works on PSP 1000 & 2000 models, I couldn't get the 日本語 text to display on a PSPGo so you'll have to make do with romaji for now. I'll get it resolved in my next release. This program Uses intraFont by BenHur and LuaPlayer Euphoria V8 by Zack. Thanks to everybody for all the support, suggestions, feedback and corrections. I wanted to give shout outs but it's been a while and I kinda forgot a lot of names. Gomen Nasai.

Download Here