* Note: General Forum Rules & Guidelines for posting in the forums also applies to published news.

This announcement is largely for new DCEmu staff, Newsposters, Coders and other contributors unfamiliar with how news and releases can be posted to the front page. Only those granted access to the CMS, such as those mentioned previously, can post articles to the front page.

STEP 1: Ensure you have access. Generally the people we want to be able to access the front page already have access but if you believe you should have access to the CMS and currently lack it, be sure to PM someone in DCEmu's administration. Usually PMing someone aside from wraggster (DCEmu's webmaster and owner) or Martin (DCEmu's host) is recommended for a speedy reply.

STEP 2: Make the post. Make the post like you would make a regular thread in the appropriate news forum. Since it will be going on the front page make sure to triple check the spelling and grammar of the post. Sometimes it's also nice to have a thumbnail picture in it to catch the readers attention and this is easily accomplished by the CMS. Simply insert the image (via BBcode) as the first item in the post before any text. The CMS will automatically format the picture into the appropriate size and embed it into the news post.

If there is some sort of file or files with the news do not attach it/them to the post as you would normally do. Upload files it to our DOWNLOADS section and make sure to put it in the appropriate category. If you wish to keep the file on your own web site or any other location rather than uploading to DCEmu this is perfectly fine too as our download section allows for you to link to the file and merely create an entry in our library. We ask for an entry here in DCEmu so we can provide a huge library of downloads for our userbase. Afterward make sure to hyperlink the DCEmu url of this file's entry into your soon to be promoted news article.

STEP 3: Promote to Article. Simply click on the link at the bottom of the post once the thread has been created. From here you can select the categories it will show up under when users filter news and even set up the time and date you wish the post to be publicly available. Always check off "yes" for it to be published in the publishing options even if you have it set up to be published for a future date. If you do not check off this option only staff and select users will be able to see the article on the front page.

That's really all there is to it but here are some things to keep in mind:
  • News posts can be edited if a mistake is made.
  • News posts are linked with the forums, comments made on the front page will show on the original thread made in the forums (and vice versa).
  • Always link to the source if your quoting word by word from another website.
  • Original content is greatly encouraged, if you feel like giving the post a bit of personal flair feel free to do so.
  • If you do choose to 'mirror' news from another site do make sure to properly format it so it looks good on the front page. Take the time, we're looking for quality over quantity here.

Happy Posting,
DCEmu Administration