Latest engine iteration to support PS3 and NGP development

Sony has revealed the PhyreEngine 3.0, the latest iteration of its games engine, at the GDC 2011.
The engine comes complete with source code development tools that are available under license to interested developers and publishers.

Sony have touted several new features of the 3.0 iteration and tools, including a new asset pipeline and processing tool, a rewritten level editor, ‘more accessible’ API and support for entities, scripting, and integrated physics and navigation components.
The engine also integrates with middleware tech from several of Sony’s business partners, including Havok, Nvidia and Scaleform.
“We're very happy to see the popularity of PhyreEngine with the global game developer community” said SCEI technology platform SVP Teiji Yutaka.
“It has helped demonstrate our commitment to the game developer community and in particular enable smaller independent developers and publishers to flourish on PS3 and NGP.”