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Thread: HEN Flash0 up? Maybe now you can

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    psp HEN Flash0 up? Maybe now you can

    News via

    The opportunity to sign amateur products in order to run smoothly on official firmware, has revolutionized the PSP hack that time had slowed its speed. However, there are limitations in the signature of homebrew, then become necessary as the Homebrew Enabled creations, such HEN, whose main function is to be able to run unsigned software.
    HEN exploit the bug of FW for which they designed, and are always stored in memory, then re dovendoli whenever the console was switched off. With HEN signed, this practice is now much faster, but who knows what and how many saints have been repeatedly called into question during attempts to initiate the known ChickHEN to 5.03.
    The coder kgsws has always been very active in the PSP scene, has finally found a way to remedy the volatility of HEN. Indeed, he has managed to "install" on the flash0 dell'HEN loader, so it starts at every boot of the PSP. It was simply a "sign" the loader (making some changes to the code) and replace the vshmain.prx present in the original flash0.
    The proceeding was that he only tested on PSP 1000 (FAT), but according to what he says, should be feasible even on later models of PSP.
    We'll see

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    ...So we're still tinkering with 5.03 because...?

    in any case, great. Now all we need to do is apply this to 6.20 and 6.35 and we'll be all set, even on later PSPs (which IIRC have unremoveable security to where you install older than 6.xx firmware it's bricked)

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    all i can say is wow. It would be good to have a cold boot for all psps but this can present some problems with people starting to play around with their flash0. We'll see if it is possible or not in the future but it hopefully is true

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