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ZeroRCO Patcher is a plugin for firmware 6.20, 6.31 and 6.35 that allows you to upload files such as custom themes modified, specifically the. Rco and. Pmf directly from a memory stick or the internal storage of avoiding this PSPgo so the danger of having to flash.
The module in question as the presence of these files in the ms0: / seplugins / RCO /, and, if present, loads them instead of those in the flash0, otherwise it will load the original files.
All this allows you to use custom resources without the risk of being able to brick the console.

</SPAN>Quote:--- What is it? ---

ZeroRCO patcher is a plugin for 6.20, 6.31, and 6:35 That Allows users to
do many different things, Such as load your custom modified
resources (. RCO) files and custom gameboot's (. pmf) from the memory stick
GO or the PSP's internal storage.

--- How does it work? ---

The plugin will check to see Which files are in ms0: / seplugins / RCO /
and if the file is there and Called upon flash, from the one
the memory stick will be loaded. If not, it will load the original
from one flash.
(Same Gameboots are loaded from the directory)

This is made bricks to Prevent When using custom resources
or a custom gameboot (this does not touch your flash).

--- --- Extra Notes

That in order to insure everything works as Planned, be sure
RCO's modified to use from the firmware you are using, or You Might
Some experience problems with files burdens.

This version works on 6.20, 6.31, and 6.35.

Almost Every RCO is supported with this version.
Any feel free to report bugs.

Enabling IT --- ---

You can enable it like Any Other plugins.

Make sure to open up ms0: / seplugins / vsh.txt and ms0: / seplugins / game.txt
and type in and save "ms0: / seplugins / zerorco_patcher.prx 1"
(For the GO PSP, ms0 to change EF0)

Be sure to restart your VSH after enabling it.

--- Credits ---

Dave - Inspiring me to code this plugin
Zing Burg - RCO Editor