Forget Helghast invasions and space ship battles for one moment. Home's going soft on us this week with the altogether more cutesy addition of kittens.

Coming (coincidentally?) two weeks before Nintendo is set to release the first true successor to Nintendogs - with added cats - the Lockwood Store in Home has introduced kittens for the various space marines and running-man dancers to buy for their home space.

There are three breeds; a "rough and tumble tabby", a "relaxed ginger kitty", or a "scene-stealing Siamese". Unfortunately there's no 'kick' button.

Also in Lockwood you'll find some new futuristic clothes to celebrate the upcoming sci-fi racer Sodium2: Project Velocity, and some old-school 'ganster' clothes that make you look like a cliché member of the Italian mafia.

Sony announced earlier this month plans to release a new vastly upgraded Home update, bringing the client up to version 1.50 and adding new functionality for real-time multiplayer, enhanced visuals and better physics for more advanced games.