UK trade site MCV reports that "sources" have told them that NGP "development deadlines have been set to ensure key Western releases are finished before the end of the summer for deployment in the autumn." And if you thought "sources" was vague, try "online leaks" which, according to MCV, " suggest the console will launch on Friday, November 11th." That's awfully specific, no?

Speaking with Engadget, SCEA's Jack Tretton already said that while Sony's desire might be for "a worldwide simultaneous launch," a more realistic goal would be to "get at least one territory out by the end of holiday 2011." If NGP only came to one territory this year, Japan would be the obvious choice; however, MCV's sources would indicate otherwise, with the site writing, "third party licensees insist that NGP will arrive in Europe this year."

Regardless of Sony's plans, a lot could happen between now and the end of the year.