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We missed our target shipping date by just 3 days, but we got there eventually

The first batch of X360USB PRO is in the process of being quality tested and packed and is expected to leave our factory in China (+8 GMT) on Thursday March 10th.

We have paid for the fastest shipping service possible, but even so, several hundred kilos will take more than just a day or two

Our main resellers have given us an order so they each get a quantity of the no-case "early adopter" version, and then of course they will get the rest of their orders which will include the complete unit including case. We expect those to start leaving the factory on March 25th (This is a conservative estimated date. It could be a few days before or after). Please bear in mind that not all resellers have put early orders in, so some of them probably won't have stock at the same time as others. That is through no fault of our own and we can only cater to those who made their orders well in advance. We suggest you check with your preferred reseller to make sure they have placed their orders in time.

Resellers have also asked us to remind you that they will be shipping to their customers on an date-ordered basis. So as always with a pre-order type product it is first come, first served. So those who were lucky enough to order from day one will be first on the list.

Bear in mind that there are tens of thousands of IC's to program and we have strict quality assurance procedures in place where each and every unit is run through a serious of tests individually to make sure you receive the best quality product.

We worked real hard on this one and are very excited to see everyone's reaction as to how simple it is to use. Thank you for your patience, not too long now

After months of use as a development and beta test channel, #X360USB has now gone live on EFNET as a public support channel for the X360USB PRO. Feel free to drop by

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