Newly Released for the PS3 (on worldwide import)

Try out your sharp shooting skills and your PlayStation Move controllers with Big 3 Gun Shooting. The package comes with the PlayStation Move controllers, the Eye and the shooting attachment. The game disc contains three games: Time Crisis: Razing Storm, Time Crisis 4 Arcade version and Dead Storm Pirates. All three games support a two player mode and an online mode. Before setting off to take down gunmen on the network, you can try out the Story Mode first to hone your skills, then you can log on the network and engage in a shooting fest with another seven players. There is also a Prison Sniper mode where accuracy really matters, you'll have to shoot down three other snipers to win.

Move Big 3 Gun Shooting Perfect Pack Japan Verson
PlayStation 3 Move Controller x 1
PlayStation Eye x 1
PlayStation Move shooting attachment x 1
Big 3 Gun Shooting x 1