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Thread: otheros removed for financial reasons?

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    ps3 otheros removed for financial reasons?

    News via

    While the class action against the removal of otheros has virtually failed, we learned today that amended complaint was filed.

    In the complaint it was learned that the deletion of otheros be due to a financial problem and not a safety issue. And the reason is that IBM was not happy that the army uses PS3 instead of IBM Blade Server.

    Citation :
    159. SCEA suggested initially that the removal of the "Other OS" function from the "fat" models in April 2010 was for security and intellectual property reasons.

    160. On its website, SCEA wrote: Why did you delete the "Other OS" feature?

    A. To protect the intellectual property of the content offered on the PS3 system as well as to provide a more secure system for those users who are enjoying games and other entertainment content on the PS3 system, we have decided to delete the feature to address security vulnerabilities of the system.

    161. This statement is a fabrication. SCEA gave these reasons as a pretext so that it could attempt to argue that the Warranty, SSLA, and/or TOS allowed for the removal of the "Other OS" feature. In reality, SCEI and SCEA removed this feature because it was expensive to maintain (as they previously admitted when the feature was removed from the "slim" models – but which they conveniently removed from SCEA's website); they were losing money on every PS3 unit sold (due to poor decisions in the planning and design of the Cell chip as noted above and given the PS3's extra features); SCEA needed to promote and sell games to make their money back on the loss-leading PS3 consoles (and there was no profit in users utilizing the computer functions of the PS3); and IBM wanted to sell its expensive servers utilizing the Cell processor (users could cluster PS3s for the same purposes much less expensively).

    Source :

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    lol sony

    just using more and more blanket terms (such as LOL FIXING SECURITY and such) when all you're really doing is being deceptive, hiding the truth, and won't admit things huh?

    It's been said but needs to be said again: GO GEOHOT!

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